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HeySprouts Singapore Handmade Soap Making Workshops

What is HeySprouts x Soap Making Workshops| Singapore?

HeySprouts x Soap For Hope is proud to present our signature soap making workshops. You can be a part of the difference by participating in our very own soap making workshops.

This workshop aims to not only spread awareness about upcycling but also empower individuals with special needs and showcase their unique abilities.


Main Takeaways of the Soap Making Workshops

In the workshop, our youths will be showing you how to upcycle soap bars into new ones, to save waste from landfills and give a new life to what would otherwise go to the trash.


At the end of the workshop, you can bring home your handcrafted soap bars back as a gift to yourself or your family and friends. Alternatively, donate your soap bars to us and we will distribute the new soap bars produced as a gift to the needy communities. 


Your Facilitators at the Soap Making Workshops

At HeySprouts, we believe in creating inclusive spaces where individuals of all abilities can thrive and contribute meaningfully. This is congruent with our mission of hiring and training youth with special needs to eventually lead them to open-employment.


Hence, by attending the soap making workshop, you are also creating an opportunity for our special needs youths to practice what they have learnt and help them to sharpen their skills required for future employment opportunities.

Who can attend this soap making workshop?

This soap making workshop is suitable for your corporate/organisation’s team bonding or staff retreat events. We can conduct the workshops at your desired premises as all our equipment are mobile and on-the-go. Alternatively, you can also come to our very own studio for your session! 

Here are just some quick details of our soap making workshops: 

  • $20 per pax

  • Minimum 15 pax to start a class

  • Venue to be provided by participants 


For bookings or more enquiries, please contact us at

What do you need to bring for this Soap Making Workshop?

You only need to bring yourself for this workshop!


We will be providing all equipments and materials needed, so just come to the workshop with an open mind, to interact with our youth with special needs and learn more about upcycling soap bars.


Do not fear if you have no experience with soap making, our youth with special needs will be helping you in the process to ensure that you have a handcrafted soap bar to bring back after the workshop!

Visit our Instagram: @heysproutssg to see how our participants enjoyed their time with us! 

Sign up for a soap making workshop now!

Help us spread the awareness of our upcycling efforts and give our youths a chance for employment too!


Contact us now at to arrange for a workshop at your organisation/institution! 

Or simply fill up the form below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible! 

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