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Soap Workshops

Interested in us bringing our customized soap workshops to you?

Please contact for more information. 

Corporate Volunteering and CSR

If you are a corporate or an individual who might be interested in working with our diverse team of youths with special needs, feel free to reach out to us. We are always open to partnerships and collaborations to drive this initiative forward. 

Let's work together to build a more inclusive world!

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Outsourcing of jobs to our team

If you would like to support the employment of our youths but aren't able to hire internally, please do consider outsourcing jobs to our team. 

This also enables our youths who remain in supported employment with us to get trained on the job for future opportunities. 

Training and hiring opportunities for our youths

If you would like to consider hiring our youths to work within your organisation, please do reach out. We work closely with employers and our trainees in building diverse teams that drive successful employment outcomes.

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