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Soap For Hope x Heysprouts

·Soap for Hope is a programme that was launched in 2013 and  to date has diverted 3,800 tons of soap from landfills across the world and converted them into 31.6 million bars of soap which were redistributed to marginalized communities

·Soap for Hope collects discarded bars of soap from hotel chains and then processes them with the help of partner NGOs to then turn them into new bars of soap for distribution 

The social impact of this programme is that it provides a small livelihood for communities in need of employment and soap for those who need it


·The aims of Soap for Hope resonate deeply with what we aim to do at Heysprouts and we are grateful for the opportunity to partner with Soap For Hope to enable our youths to produce the new bars of soap for distribution to needy communities both in Singapore as well as overseas

  • ·Environment: Redirect solid soap waste from landfills

  • ·Hygiene and Sanitation: Half a million people die each year from diarrhea or acute respiratory diseases which could have been prevented by good hand hygiene. Yet 2.3 billion people globally lack water and soap to wash their hands at home (

  • Employment and Community: We are then able to hire more youths to work on this programme in collaboration with various partners and there is also community involvement for these special needs youths to create positive engagement experiences 

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