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Our Story

HeySprouts is an inclusive hub where youth with special needs are trained in job roles and scopes that are relevant to industry needs. Here they will work in a supported work environment so that they will have room and time to grow and to aim for the stars!

Our core target groups are: 

  • Graduating youths with special needs from special schools (to ensure a smooth school-to-work transition) 

  • Youths who have graduated and currently do not have any vocational opportunities

Our end objective is that in time, they will be able to thrive in specific jobs so that they can go out into open employment.  

At HeySprouts, we believe in the power of diversity and in creating a world that celebrates our differences, and recognises the strengths and potential in everyone.

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Meet The Team


Lena Ng

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Lena is a passionate social entrepreneur with over 13 years experience in events and marketing across various industries.


She Started Flour Power, a social enterprise bakery, in 2016 and ran it sustainably for 4 years. In that time, they hired and trained more than 20 people with special needs and in recovery from mental health issues.



Karen Low

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With 17 years of experience in trust administration and corporate affairs management, Karen has managed a wide range of clients searching for wealth management solutions as well as board members seeking corporate statutory compliance.


Armed with a marketing major in her bachelor's degree, she has also been freelancing since 2018 as a digital content creator producing ad-hoc content and copy for various clients and brands across industries.


Karen specialises in family, lifestyle and beauty related content, which she publishes on her social media platforms and blog.


Sandhya Aswani

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Sandhya holds a Master of Learning Intervention (Specific Learning Difficulties) and a Diploma in Learning Disorders Management, Child Psychology and Counselling. She has worked in special education schools, therapeutic services and enrichment programs across Australia and Singapore. 


Sandhya is currently a Program Director at Ishk Tolaram Foundation where she works on providing access to quality education, healthcare and skills training interventions to vulnerable communities.


In her free time she volunteers as a tutor and mentor for children and youth, and is also undertaking a Postgraduate Diploma in Counselling Psychology. 

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Soh Lai Yee

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Lai Yee is a Healthcare System Partner at Roche, driving patient-centric partnerships and innovations in Singapore’s healthcare system. She has some two decades of experience in growing international multi-sectoral collaborations for social inclusion and impact.


A firm believer that positive outcomes for today’s challenges require a multidisciplinary approach, she enjoys the art and science of synthesising solutions from her experience in leading education, healthcare, international relations, as well as arts and cultural initiatives.

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