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This veggie box includes a well thought out mix of seasonal leafy greens, hardy vegetables, beans, fruits and other surprises. Enjoy fresh vegetables sent to your doorstep and have a ball experimenting with different recipes. Your family will thank you! 

On certain weeks it also includes pearl oyster mushrooms from our partner, Mushroom Buddies.

This box is sufficient for a larger family of 3 – 4 pax (or smaller families who eat a lot of veggies!) for about 3 – 4 meals per week. It contains about 14 - 15 different varieties. 

HeySprouts Box of Good Stuff (Large Box)

SKU: 0001
  • All the fruits and vegetables in your HeySprouts Box of Good Stuff are organic and packed with lots of love by our youths with special needs. We have also tried as far as possible to reduce plastic packaging and the youths have taken great pains to wrap the veggies as nicely as we can! Please do keep your box and thermal bag for us to pick up for your next delivery so that we can reduce waste.

    Thank you very much for your support and for playing a part in providing jobs for our youths with special needs.

  • For the HeySprouts Box of Good Stuff, we do not accept returns as the items are perishable. Should you be dissatisfied with the product, please do take a photo of the items or send us an email within 2 hours of our delivery. Thank you very much for your understanding!

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