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Giving Hap-pea-ness

Giving Hap-pea-ness is an initiative by Heysprouts to reach out and help the wider community in Singapore. 

We also aim to teach our youths the importance of giving back, rather than always being on the receiving end of help. 

Giving Hap-pea-ness

Giving Hap-pea-ness Events

We partner with corporate sponsors and together with their volunteers, our youths distribute excess produce to marginalized communities. 

Giving Hap-pea-ness

Giving a Box of Hap-pea-ness

This fundraising campaign aims to provide a regular supply of fruits and vegetables to 40 needy families of kidney failure patients. 

Should you want to find out how to be part of this initiative, please email
Join us in #givingback
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